Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beach Baby

Yall, if Florida were a boy, i'd totally make out with him on the first date. Our first full day at the beach has been pretty much uneventful.* And when you're with a four yr old and a one yr old, uneventful is what you aim for. Here are a few quick pics that will do until something exciting happens.

1)Mom and the kids building "stores" as Ella called them. The girl loves to shop. The sand is actually a lot whiter and the water much more blue than it looks on the picture.

2) Axton and Dog hanging out.

3) is there anything better than a coffee table pallet and a pink princess blanket after playing on the beach all day? (no, we're not making her sleep on the coffee table... She wanted to... Really....really!!

4) View from dinner at Dewey Destin's.

*does your 4 yr old niece puking up her entire dinner while still sitting at the dinner table, then projectile vomiting as you tote her out of the restaurant, count as an event?


Stacy said...

Love the pics. These will have to tide me over until the glorious day that I actually get to JOIN you in Destin.

Ax's pic is particularly precious. I get the sense he is very much a "play hard or go home" kind of kid. I almost want him to keep the pacifier throughout high school.

Jahni said...

We have to plan a trip soon. I think New Years in Destin would be AWESOME.

And I hope he keeps the pacifier too (he calls it "Pal") because where ever the paci goes, Dog goes...and I just can't imagine leaving Dog behind!