Monday, October 13, 2008

Around My Hometown

A colleague of mine has one of the funniest obsessions. He keeps his cell phone handy and snaps odd photos from around The County. Last week I begged him to start his own blog and share his "art" with the rest of the world. He refused, so I'm doing it for him. I honestly don't know what's funnier, the pictures, or his narrative (which follows the pic). So here you go world...the brilliance that is The County.

"So.....I'm at the Roadrunner gas station this past Friday and this truck pulls up beside me. Was it really necessary to paint "Not For Hire" on the door? Do people run up to this truck when they see it and ask to hire the owner? You know at some point this guy had to be sittin' around on his porch thinking "Son of a Bitch! That's the last damn time someone's gonna ask me to hire out my truck!"