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Calendar Girl...Part I

*Lucas, Jahni, Kari, Adam, Destin, 2005...Has nothing to do with the post.

It's only been a year. Can I claim that I've had writers block for a year? I'm pretty sure that anyone who reads this pitiful excuse for entertainement probably knows me IRL and doesn't really need much of an update, but just in case (and because i have NOTHING else to talk about) here's what has happened in the life of Jahni since August 2009.


Ok, I'll try harder...I went to Denver for work last October. I wore ballet flats and it snowed... and I was LITERALLY Colorado....heaven help me. Most people would not be surprised by snow in Colorado, but me? I think I constantly yelled "WTH Colorado?!" for the entire 20 minutes that I sat/stood/shivered outside the airport waiting for my taxi. But on a positive note I saw 1,000 zombies do the Thriller dance. Thank you Denver.

October, to any Oklahoma State Alumnae, also means HOMECOMING! I had a great weekend with a very good friend pretending like I was back in college. The weekend was made even better by my little sister Jennifer's engagement...perfect timing, perfect day, perfect ring, perfect couple

*Jimmy and Jennifer at the tailgate post-propososal...and yes, Jennifer, your ring still looks as pretty now as it did that stop asking.

*Me, Jennifer, and My Hat at the OSU/Texas game later that season

I don't think anything interesting happened in November other than Thanksgiving and shopping, but at some point in the past year, it snowed...ACTUAL SNOW! I think it was actually in Feb or March, but I'll put this pic of Mom and Dad's house here because I don't have any other pic for Nov.

In December I ran my first Half Marathon and made a solemn vow to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. It was miserable and it hurt. I've signed up for my second Half Marathon this December.

*My finisher's medal from the race...13.1 miles 2hrs 23min

2010 started out with a bang and me getting my wisdom teeth removed (this is stellar info, right?). It also started full throttle wedding planning for Jennifer's wedding. For those of you who have had your wisdom teeth removed, did you spend the day of your surgery recuperating on the couch, drinking milk shakes, and popping pain meds (amazing, wonderful pain meds)? Or did you go bridesmaid dress shopping? Maid of Honor, bitches...bridesmaid dress shopping the day of surgery. But it paid off, because as you can see, our dresses were beautiful...of course we didn't find these dresses the first time we went shopping, so my post surgery shopping was all in vain.

The only thing I remember that was significant about February and March is that I went to Del Rio, TX for my Great Aunt's 97th birthday and found Julio's Chips. Julio's Chips are amazing and I suggest you get your ass to South Texas, risk being murdered by Mexican drug cartel, and get a bag NOW. Also, way to go Aunt Betty.

*I am not related to this man, but apparently he knows what's up with Julios Chips.

March was spent talking my sister out of eloping.

*This is a vintage picture of my Mom trying to make Jennifer "do" didn't work in 1987, and it sure as hell didn't work during wedding planning. Feel free to comment on the hair and clothing of both parties.

April was spent regretting talking my sister out of eloping.

*But I powered through the regret...mostly due to this ancient POWER ON photo of Lucas...Hi Lucas!! (I really just love this picture and wanted to use it somewhere).

April was also the bachelorette party. I should use a cliche like "what happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party" but then I would have to punch myself in the face for using such a d-bag phrase. Jennifer and our 3 best friends in the world spent the weekend in Dallas and had a blast. We ate great food, met a fake marine or two, and impressed a piano bar full of people with our awesomeness. That story ends there. There is one pic from the night of the party...this is the cake I special ordered from the cake shop in The County...the baker asked if I would like a "fancy J"...YOU KNOW I DID!!!

*please note the fancy J.*

Someday I will tell yall about my mother, this cake shop, and the Veteran's Day cake that "looked like the 4th of July threw up on it" (mother's words, not mine).

May was a good month. We took a last minute trip to Florida so that we could get a "real" tan for the wedding. Our last minute trip to Florida also included a last minute trip to New Orleans, and let me just say this, my parents...Bourbon Street. My SOUTHERN BAPTIST, TEE-TOTALING, ULTRA CONSERVATIVE, NEVER CURSE IN PUBLIC, RESPECTED PILLARS IN OUR COMMUNITY parents...Bourbon Street. My mother described it as "really neat" while my father has yet to speak of it, with the exception of "never again." Sadly, I didn't take any pictures...I think I was too shell shocked, by my parents, on Bourbon Street.

Also, I turned 30 in May, and I'm ok with really... i am.

Two weeks after I turned 30, I married my younger sister. Yes, Oklahoma allows that, we're pretty liberal here.

Ok, Ok, so I didn't bind myself to my sister in holy matrimony, I tied her to this guy...I also took this picture (my favorite) the day I walked them into the court house and showed them how to apply for a marriage license...

And because who can resist wedding pictures???

*Here we are laughing at something I said..because I'm funny...even in a holy ceremony, I'm funny...I like to think Jesus laughed a little too...

*Jennifer and Jimmy were married inthe oldest church building in Oklahoma, which happens to be (basically) in our home town. It's an old Indian missionary church and it's beautiful. But here's a tip, if you're going to be married in a 170 yr old building, keep in mind that they did not have air conditioning 170 yrs ago...just sayin...

*All wedding pictures were taken by Aaron Snow. He's awesome. We love him. You should love him too...

I am fairly certain that life just stopped after the wedding. My family quickly realized that we had planned and planned and planned for 7 months but had forgotten to plan anything for the rest of the summer.

So i'm going to have to think about these past 4 months..and probably give them a post of their own...

So...umm..yeah..I don't know how to end this post...umm..keep on...keep on truckin?

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